Have you ever felt like you were speaking a different language to your spouse, child or co worker?

Do you sometimes feel like you are talking but definitely NOT communicating?

How about wondering why so many people seem to misunderstand you?

LIFE LANGUAGES is a profile that helps people understand their own unique communication style and helps them to learn how to better connect with others. Many state that after profiling, their personal and professional relationships immediately improve. Profiling with Life Languages significantly improve relationships with your spouse, children, co-workers and friends. Learning Life Languages will help you strengthen your communication skills, minimize misunderstandings, and discover what really motivates you and others.

This tool is amazingly effective for personal development, marriage and relationship issues, teens discovering self awareness. If you are a business looking for an effective Communications Human Resource tool, Life Languages Profiling has been proven highly effective particularily in the area of conflict resolution.

The mission of the Life Languages program is to develop character, improve communication, and strengthen relationships through the 7 Life Languages for greater individual and corporate effectiveness.