Elaine Kaley
Elaine Kaley is a registered Social Worker, Certified Life Languages Coach and just recently attended several Eating Disorder Seminars receiving Certification in many areas of this multifaceted issue. She is a referral therapist for Ramuda Ranch, one of America's top in patient treatment centers for Eating Disorders and anxiety issues.

After working in a church setting for 20 years and private practice for four years, Hungry for Hope Professional Counseling Services was founded by Elaine. She saw a need in our province for a counseling service specializing and familiarizing themselves with Eating Disorder Issues. Knowing a client struggling with ED needs a multi faceted team approach for recovery, She is constantly building a referral system to assist clients with the best possible resources.

Elaine continues to counsel individual, couples and family, giving her clients the opportunity to draw from her many years of experience in these areas. She counsels from a Solution Focused, faith based perspective using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Choice Theory as well providing her clients with a somewhat "eclectic" approach by assessing clients individually and adapting her approach to meet the clients specific needs.

Elaine believes our past experiences certainly influence our present but we can make wise and healthy choices giving us "hope for a better tomorrow".

Jenny Kaley, Certified Chef and Nutritionist
One of the first steps to recovery is bringing the client struggling with any type of an eating disorder to a place nutritionally where they think and function in a healthy manner.  Proper nutrition is extremely important.   Jenny is a graduate of George Brown College, Certified in Culinary and Nutrition.  She has a great understanding of Eating Disorders having attended several seminars by leading professionals in this area and receiving credits on various topics.    She has also had the privilege of an onsite visit to Ramuda Ranch, one of America’s Leading Inpatient treatment centres for Eating Disorders, spending time with their dieticians and nutrition counsellors and therapists.

Whether a client is struggling with Anorexia, Bulimia, or EDNOS, or just struggles to maintain a healthy weight, Jenny desires to assist clients to come to “peace with food”.